Dear customers,

The main target of “Heimat Glas” is to run a smooth business and ease your building project with easy conditions as part of the glass industry in Germany and Europe. The first step is taken. With this aim, we proudly started to sell glass sheets as a wholesaler and a special carrier with the most experienced employees to handle and move the goods in Germany and Europe. We at Heimat Glas use a specialized warehouse with all necessary tools and special equipment to carry out all work with the most attention and care.

We offer special goods and services which you can see below:

  • Selling different types of glass sheets and other glass products with wooden packaging or in bulk.
  • Carrying and delivery of glass sheets in the container as a whole purchase and or in a small truck.
  • Keeping and looking after the customer goods and orders in warehouses and forward them on time agreed upon.
  • Preparing the Glass sheets as required by the requirement of our valuable customers.

And some other services on glass sheets include:

Maintaining high quality, avoiding damage, providing orderly packing, and achieving customer satisfaction are the top priorities of HEIMAT GLAS. As “packing” and “dispatching” are two essential tasks in the industry, HGC has built on the long experience of competent staff to develop an efficient platform to make these tasks be done in accordance with the product type and its destination. In accordance with customers’ requirements, the glass can be bulk-packed, shrink-packed, or packed in wooden boxes and then dispatched on various types of stillages (A-frame, L-frame, etc.).

1- Packing on portable metal stillages:

This approach is suitable for short-distance delivery of the product with easy loading and unloading requirements.

2- Packing in wooden boxes (direct pallet loading):

This approach is suitable for long-distance delivery of the product with highly efficient delivery requirements.