Heimat Glas

About Us

The Heimat Glas company is an umbrella company which has been proudly established in Germany in 2018. But our origin business started back in the 1980s.

 We are a leading distributor of flat industrial glass with a significant share in both domestic and international markets.

We specialize in the distribution and delivery of different kinds of glasses through the float process with a thickness of 1.9 mm to 19 mm and other flat glass in Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Poland, and the Netherland, or anywhere else there is a market.

Quality materials with the latest


Customer satisfaction and customer service is our top priority. Therefore, we are here for you even if it is just for consulting.

We do our best to bring you quality materials with the latest technologies, fully automated & robotic types of machinery which are made by well-known companies all around the world. We guarantee to provide quality of process and material until transport.


by Heimat Glas - CEO